A fresh new collection for the Wings for Life World Run

We're super excited! The new Wings for Life World Run Collection 2022 is available now in the Red Bull Shop. From essential accessories like caps and water bottles to functional shorts, tights and tops, it’s got everything you need to get motivated for training and, of course, the Wings for Life World Run on May 8.

Are you an App Runner? The reflective armband is a great way to carry your phone. And be sure to check out the selection from our Global Headphones Partner, Philips Sports Headphones. They’re designed to help you enjoy the Audio Experience to the fullest, and for every Philips Sports Headphones product you buy from the selection, you’ll get a free App Run voucher. For more details on the promotion, including how to register your purchase to receive your voucher, please visit www.philips.com/wings-for-life-world-run.

Looking good, doing good. 100% of the proceeds from sales of this collection will go directly to spinal cord research and help to find a cure for spinal cord injury.

Click here for your first look at the new collection.