You’re the best. Fact.

“The way the global community embraced this opportunity has been magnificent,” said Colin Jackson, International Sports Director for the Wings for Life World Run. “It shows that people are hungry to connect with others. And to get out and move! I think there’s a strong desire to do good as well.”

Remembering those final few moments of the men’s and women’s race, Colin is deeply excited: “Watching Michael and Nina giving everything they had against that virtual Catcher Car was extraordinary. What a special day!”

A global community

But May 3 was so much more than Michael Taylor and Nina Zarina making history and breaking their own Wings for Life World Run records. It was about a global community – you – coming together to run for those who can’t in a truly unprecedented way.

For Anita Gerhardter, CEO of Wings for Life, “It was totally overwhelming to see that more than 75 percent of the participants donated their unused entry fee to Wings for Life and run alone with the App. In times like these, which are so difficult personally and financially, that is an amazing, deeply touching gesture.”

It was so much more than 77,103 registered App Runners pounding out the kilometers on their favorite tracks, alone, in 104 countries.

You – the heroes

It was the dog walkers supporting Michael Taylor – from a distance – through the leafy backroads of Cambridgeshire, UK. It was Heinz Kinigadner pushing his son Hannes’s wheelchair 12.5km in Austria for their seventh Wings for Life World Run. It was Anna-Marina Dearsley running nearly 8k up and down her garden and street with her five-year-old son, Emerson, beside her in his wheelchair.

“My legs hurt so much, but it feels amazing. We hope this brings a smile to your Sunday knowing anything is possible!”

Your Love and support

And it was these incredible messages of love and support that overwhelmed Facebook, Instagram and Twitter throughout the day. We saw smiles, cheers, messages in chalk, stunning trails and monumental positivity all day – and night.

You all - against all odds

These moments will make you fall in love with our wonderful community.

Enio Silveira Junior spent the day running around the backyard in Campeche, Brazil, in their SEVENTH Wings for Life World Run.

Amy Reedijk-Christiaanse ran 3.26km for those who can’t, 35 weeks pregnant.

Aron Anderson, two-time Global Champion and wonderful Wings for Life World Run ambassador, gave eventual winner, Michael Taylor of the UK, a fantastic competition, right to the end.

Mike Shaw running in the dead of night with his headtorch on, his “legs feel like Jello” and still he runs, alone.

And everyone else who was supporting us on May 3 – running, donating or following the run live. Together, we raised €2.8 million for spinal cord injury research, despite having to cancel all those Flagship runs and App Runs so lovingly planned by this fantastic community.

Thank you doesn’t come close. You are truly the best!