Sneak Peek: Discover the new Audio Experience

Are you feeling an urge to run under event conditions again? The countdown and buzz in the air just before the start of the race. That special community feeling of being on the road together along with thousands of other runners. The cherished moments when your family and friends suddenly appear along the route and cheer you on that releases that extra dose of energy?

Except for the crowds at the start and the high fives after crossing the finish line, the Wings for Life World Run app can do pretty much everything else that only a real running event can.

You have your doubts? Let it surprise you!

If you feel like running together with us for everyone who can't run themselves, please join us on May 9, 1pm CET, and have an unforgettable day with us!

Sign up for the Wings for Life World Run here.

Don't have the app yet? No problem. Here are the download links:

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