Enter Zagreb runs for those who can't!

Enter Zagreb is the #1 radio in Croatia for club, electronic, and festival music. Start a playlist that helps you achieve your goal and push your own boundaries.

Together with you, they have joined the noble goal of running for those who cannot. They are here every day to lift your spirits with great music, and we are always there to support everything that makes our world a better place. 

The first voice of Enter Alex Milinković is participating in the race this year as well and shows how the DJ's of Enter Zagreb turn words into deeds. This is the second year in a row that Alex has run in the Wings for Life World Run:

“That feeling of satisfaction, when you know you gave more than you thought you could, and you did a good thing for others at the same time… It just can't be described. That's why this race is always special to me.”

We are getting ready together for a race with a playlist that helps you catch the right pace on the way to your goal. Fastest radio in Croatia for new music and you – together for one goal. Be fast too, because Enter Zagreb gives rhythm to your new energy. #myvibe