Your checklist for the Wings for Life World Run

As we all know, there’s more to running than just training. Particularly when you’re working up to an event like the Wings for Life World Run, when you run for those who can’t. Which is why we decided to put together this checklist for you!

Sunday, May 5, is getting closer, we can’t wait to run together for the good cause and nerves are beginning to set in. And with them, a sense of uncertainty: Is there something I’ve forgotten? Am I well prepared? Will there be any nasty surprises? Needless to say, there’s no magic wand to keep nerves at bay. But we wouldn’t want that anyway – after all, a certain nervous energy is par for the course when it comes to mega-events like the Wings for Life World Run. But there are still ways to keep your nerves in check.

If you’re running with the Wings for Life World Run App, use the checklist below to make sure that you’re perfectly set up to make the most of the experience. A little bit of preparation now will help ensure a smooth start and allow you to focus on staying ahead of the Virtual Catcher Car!


  • Download the latest version of the App.
  • Adjust your power and location settings. Important: Check out the dedicated page with information on settings for different phones here to make sure everything is good to go on your device. If you have an Android phone, the page even includes device-specific battery setup videos that will show you how to grant access to run your Wings for Life World Run App in the background.
  • Please do the two steps above no later than Saturday. (Don’t wait until shortly before the race.) If any questions pop up on race day, however, just message us on our Support Channel.
  • Start a Preparation Run to ensure that your power and GPS settings work as intended.
  • Think about the course you plan to run. Keep in mind to avoid areas like tunnels and thick forests where your GPS might not function properly.
  • Make sure your phone battery is fully charged.
  • Charge your headphones and put them where you won’t forget them, because the latest version of the App includes our most immersive Audio Experience yet to inform, entertain and motivate you! If you’re still looking for gear, check out the selection from our Global Headphones Partner, Philips sports headphones. For details, please visit


  • Close (in other words, suspend) all other apps that you won’t need during the run. Your battery should not run out of charge before you do!
  • Beginning 30 minutes before the race start on Sunday, keep your App visually in the foreground to tune in to the Audio Experience Pre-Show – you’ll get a taste of what you can expect during the run. A warm-up with a professional coach will begin about 15 minutes before the start.
  • By changing your App language and audio region, you can download different Audio Experience languages. No matter where you run, there are 18 language choices, so pick the one that’s best for you!
  • At least 15 minutes before the race start, put on your favorite music. (You did bring your headphones, right?)
  • Please be outdoors 5 to 10 minutes before the start, ensuring that you have adequate GPS reception. It's recommended to switch to mobile data for a smoother experience.
  • During the race, check every now and then to make sure the App is still running correctly in the foreground – so we don't miss out on your progress.
  • If you need assistance during the run, then message us on our Support Channel.
  • Get fired up with our Live TV Experience. Follow the race and its highlights live on or on Red Bull TV beginning at 10:30am UTC on May 5. Tell your friends!

We can make sure you’re ideally prepared, no matter if you’re participating with the Wings for Life World Run App or in a Flagship Run – provided that you take the following points on board before race day.

  • Charge your body: You should have finished hydrating an hour before the race begins. Just before you set off, only drink 400 to 600 millilitres, ideally in sips. Still water is fine for this.
  • Don’t forget to eat: Take your last meal two to three hours before starting – for example toast with scrambled egg, a cereal bar or a handful of nuts.
  • Keep an eye on the weather: Before you head outside, check the website of our official weather partner UBIMET for your precise local forecast. With its hourly and route-specific features, you'll know what to expect throughout the day.
  • Put your clothing out ready: On the evening before the race, think about what you want to wear and put everything out ready, so you don’t have the additional stress of having to hunt down clothes at the last minute. Show everybody that you are part of the Wings for Life World Run community and wear your official adidas T-shirt.
  • Sleep and more sleep: Go to bed early before the big day. One important factor to consider: The Wings for Life World Run starts simultaneously all over the world – for example at 1 p.m. in Central Europe, 11 p.m. in New Zealand and 4 a.m. in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Go shopping: Make a shopping list (for bananas, cereal bars, energy drinks, sun cream, etc.) early on and go shopping in plenty of time!